It Would Be Great if More People Would Discover How Much Fun Clay Shooting is

Have you ever been shooting? As time goes by I find less and less people who are getting professional shooting instruction or have ever shot a gun at all. I am telling you that it is a lot of fun. It is not a dangerous sport either. A gun is a tool. You get busted up playing rugby, but I have never been injured when I go clay shooting. I can shoot hundreds of shells in a day at the range and never have a problem. Well, other than missing some of the shooting clays! I am still working on perfecting my doubles.

I have always enjoyed shooting, but I was introduced to it at a young age. I have found that women make better students as adults. They do not come into it with any of the ego that many men seem to have. They actually listen to and follow the shooting instructor’s teaching, and they end up being exceptional shooters. A lot of men think they already instinctively know how to shoot. Well, if all the experience with guns that you have is seeing them on TV or pretending as a child, then you have no experience. Guns are tools that require instruction and training to operate safely and effectively.

I have been clay shooting since I was 12, and I still miss targets. Shooting reminds me of golf in the level of frustration you can experience on a day when it is just not coming together for you. Then there are those days you are making hit after hit. It is like making par or going under par in golf. Both sports require you to learn how to do them. I do golf on occasion, but I prefer clay shooting much more. I like shooting my shotgun more than swinging a golf club.


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