I Can Live in Two Different Worlds Online and Offline

I love going to some of the Desi popular websites where lots of other people my age from India hang out. There are no other Indian teens at the high school that I go to, so I go online to meet and become friends with people who still live in the country where I was born. I have lots of great friends at school, but that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten about the culture that I used to live in. I like being part of both worlds, but I still miss my old life, too. It helps to make my life feel more complete now that I have a way to connect online with people who are far away.

I left my home country with my parents when I was 14 years old. When they told me that were were leaving to live in America, I was scared at first. We didn’t travel outside of our own city often, so thinking about moving to a new country altogether made me very anxious. I also did not want to leave all of my friends because I had known many of them since I was a small child. When we moved here, my fears quickly went away because we felt welcomed here. My parents quickly connected with our new neighbors, and I began meeting all sorts of new people in my school.

About a year after I moved here, I realized that I find my new friends to be great people. I enjoy spending time with them and we have fun. Something felt like it was missing, though. I wanted to talk to my friends about the different things I used to do back home, but because they aren’t used to Indian food, movies and daily life, we don’t connect much on those particular topics. When I went searching online for sites to meet other people my age, who are of Indian descent, I found many to choose from.


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